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Generate More revenue & Leads Through Google AdWords​

Be Available When Customers Are Searching Google For Your Goods & Services To Buy Online...


Per Month
Small Business
For campaigns with small ($1,000 - $2,999) monthly ad spend budget.
Search Marketing Platform: Yes
Google Display Network: No
Facebook Ads: No
Remarketing: No
LinkedIn Ads: No
Banner Ads: No
Text Ads: Yes
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Per Month
Large Business
For campaigns with large ($5,001 - $10,000) monthly ad spend budget.
Search Marketing Platform: Yes
Google Display Network: Yes
Facebook Ads: Yes
Remarketing: Yes
LinkedIn Ads: Yes
Banner Ads: Yes
Text Ads: Yes
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Frequently Asked Questions


Pay Per Click (PPC) Management FAQ

NOTE: We Only Charge You For The Services We Offer Your Company. 

You Are Responsible To Pay For Advertisement Cost. Thank You.

What is the difference between PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a simple unique strategy deviced to channel paid traffic to your website through an Ad. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the other hand channels traffic from organic search results. When adopting PPC strategy, you pay for each click on your Ad, But on SEO traffic is totally free. Also, your Ad will only appear on the results when the search is relevant to your business.

What are the strategies Obinag Digital Marketing Agency uses for PPC?

Our PPC ( pay per click) packages cover keyword research, landing page analysis, reporting, and consultation from our experts. In addition we provide two types of ad campaigns for effectiveness and efficiency – AdWords and Remarketing on Google Display Network –these campaign strategies is to help you efficiently maximize your online experience if you really want to dominate your industry.

Why does my business need PPC?

PPC is the most efficient and effective strategy to apply if your main objective is to reach out to the right customers at the right time, like a seasonal promotion. This is also recommended if you’re targeting immediate results and quick returns, as it takes longer to rank on organic search.

Can I run a PPC campaign without SEO?

Absolutely YES! Pay Per Click (PPC) does not rely on Google search algorithms, unlike in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your rankings on Pay Per Click Advertising depend on your ad spend, quality score, content relevancy, and several other factors.

Can I target my competitor's keywords?

Definitely! You can use the same keywords as your competitors. This is beneficial especially for new businesses as it can increase your chances of being found by customers who are searching for products or services offered by your competitors.

How long will it take for my ads to appear on search results?

Your ads undergo a review process by Google for the purpose of getting your targeted clients/customers. This may take a day, but some ads can run and appear in a matter of hours even while being reviewed.